To learn more about any of the training opportunities listed below, email our Pastor of Leadership Development.

Pastoral Internship Program

Clifton’s Pastoral internship is designed for men who are trying to discern calling and gifting for pastoral ministry, including overseas ministry. The internship is intended for those who are nearing the end of their time in Louisville and have been active members at Clifton Baptist Church.

The Goals of the Internship

The internship program has three major goals in the lives of our interns:
1) to develop a ‘theological and ecclesiological vision’ for future ministry
2) to provide opportunities and feedback for the development and discernment of ministerial skills and gifting
3) to encourage growth in personal holiness, integrity in his relationships, and in God-honoring sacrificial love for his family through the time in the internship

We believe that God alone will work out these goals in our interns’ lives. Nonetheless we will try to incorporate numerous intern tasks to try to accomplish our three major goals, including weekly intern meetings, ecclesiological reading and writing assignments, preaching and teaching opportunities, ‘shadowing’ elders in pastoral ministry, serving in select ministries throughout the year, sitting in on elder meetings, and participation in conferences and events. We believe that this church-based, elder-led program will help to supplement seminary and Bible college training.

Our Hope for the Internship

Additionally, our hope is that interns will leave the internship program with a “portfolio” to aid them in future ministry and even in seeking future ministry positions. This portfolio will include a statement of the intern’s testimony, his understanding of his call to ministry, a personal statement of doctrinal belief, various positions statements on ecclesiological issues, and assessments of his character and suitability for ministry from various elders who’ve been involved in his time in the internship.
Interns should expect approximately 15-20 hours of work per week for required meetings and homework. Generally, this requires adjusting most interns’ work or school schedules. However, we believe that the internship will be a time of rich preparation for years of faithful ministry in the future. The internship lasts approximately 10 months, from late August until the Southern Baptist Convention in mid June. Although there is more value to this time than earning course credit, currently, students in an MDiv program at SBTS can earn up to 6 elective courses over the 10 month period.

We are privileged to invest in and send out these men to be future pastors, church planters, and missionaries as well as faithful husbands, fathers, and colleagues.

Men's Leadership Training

Raising Up Biblical Leaders

Intended for those without formal theological training and who do not necessarily plan to enter vocational ministry, our Men’s Leadership Training program seeks to raise men up to be biblical leaders (1) in their families, (2) as teachers in the church, and (3) as elders for the church. We view this as a tool of discipleship for the men in our community to grow into knowledgeable and faithful leaders of God’s people.

The weekly Men’s Leadership Training meetings are held on Fridays at 6:30am and are conducted by our Pastor of Leadership Development. Discussions center upon a reading curriculum that exposes men to a breadth of core issues in theology, church polity, family, and ministry.

International Missions Cohort

Clifton desires to train, send and support missionaries who demonstrate the kind of biblical leadership modeled in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Whether missionaries are going out to serve in an elder-qualified or a deacon-qualified role, Clifton’s International Missions Cohort is designed to help prospective missionaries grow in three primary areas of life – conviction, character, and competence.

Biblical Conviction

We desire to raise up leaders who can clearly articulate and defend biblical convictions. Clifton will provide training that will help individuals know and love God’s word, be exposed to systematic and biblical theology, and be able to clearly communicate these truths in understandable and applicable ways. Our International Missions Training will include reading books, writing book reviews, and participating in group discussions that will assist participants in their understanding of biblical doctrine.

Godly Character

Not only do we want our missionaries to know truth and doctrine, but we desire to raise up leaders whose lives have been deeply impacted by the truths of God’s word. We understand that a life of godliness is not merely what people know, but how they live their lives because of what they know. Thus, we want our missionaries to be a people of godly character. In order to help our prospective missionaries grow in godliness, our International Missions Training will provide encouragement and accountability in the areas of spiritual disciplines, family relationships, sin struggles, and more.

Spirit-Empowered Competence

Along with conviction and character, we desire to raise up leaders who are competent and able to do the work of a missionary. We know that God gives his people many different gifts, and while there are many well meaning, good intentioned people, it’s clear according to Scripture that God has not gifted us all in the same way. Clifton’s International Missions Training seeks to come alongside individuals and help determine whether or not they are suited for a life of missions. To help us assess and evaluate individuals, training participants will be required to be actively involved in the life of the church, international outreach, and short term missions trips. We’ll also consider other areas of the participant’s life such as job performance and life experience.