Chip Crush
Raised in the Catholic Church, Chip thought he was in good standing with God until he heard the Gospel from who would be his eventual father-in-law in February 1997. He was cut to the heart when, by the work of the Holy Spirit in his inner being, he came to understand his sin in light of the holiness of God. He immediately came to genuine faith in Christ and began to grow in the grace and knowledge of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and that work of grace continues today!
Chip is the husband to Mimi and father to Annabel, Charlie, Johnny, and Charlotte. A Louisville native, he helps others call Louisville their home by working as a realtor as well as a small business owner.
Aric & Danielle Gorman
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Rachel McCarty
When Rachel was 5, she wanted to get saved because all of her friends were making that decision. But, it wasn’t until she was 11 that she truly understood that she was a sinner who needed a Savior. She asked Christ to forgive her of her sins and save her.
Rachel is the wife of Mike, mother of Noah, and receptionist at Christian Academy of Louisville Elementary. She has a bachelors degree in counseling, and loves to open her home to the students on her husband and son's sports teams. 
Scott Eberle
Grace appeared in Scott’s life in 1999 when God revealed Himself in the forgiveness found in Jesus through the teaching and preaching of His Word in the books of Genesis and Luke. Blessed to have found Clifton in 2014, he loves investing time with men and growing in faith together.
He is the husband of Jana and the father of five amazing children. He owns Eberle Orthodontics and enjoys creating smiles in his two office locations and spending as much time as possible with his family and outside in God’s creation.
Deacon of Missionary Care
Peter Brock
Peter and his wife, Lisa, served as missionary church planters in Italy from 1993 – 2003. This was followed by almost 15 years Missions Pastor at Faith Baptist Church of Winter Haven, FL. Peter currently serves as Europe/Africa region leader with Reaching and Teaching International Ministries. Peter has a deep passion to serve missionaries well and to see the truth of the gospel preserved around the world. Peter and Lisa have four grown children and nine grandchildren.
James Lennon
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Liz Popp
Liz grew up in a Christian home with her 6 siblings, and was saved when she was 9 years old. When she was in college she was around Christian peers who helped her understand the need to know God and his word more deeply by studying the Bible for herself.
When Liz and her husband, Caleb, are not serving Clifton in various ways, they enjoy raising ducks and chickens. As an Operations Manager, duck wrangler, and self proclaimed hobbiest in everything, she leads Clifton's sound team to creatively resolve every technology hiccup to allow the proclamation of the Word to be heard by any with ears to hear.
Ethan Holsteen
Ethan grew up in a Christian home and was familiar with the gospel from a young age. He came to a saving knowledge of the Lord after wrestling with the doctrine of election when he was in high school. He is now married to Michaela, and together they have a daughter.
Ethan cares for the needs of Clifton by coordinating members to serve those in our church body who encounter unique hindrances that could otherwise prohibit them from gathering with the church for worship. 
Deacon of Women's Ministry
Jodi Ware
Jodi was blessed to grow up in a home with parents who loved the Lord and cherished the Gospel. The Lord opened her eyes to her sin and need for a Savior at a young age. He has been so faithful throughout the years to help her know, love, trust, and serve Him more, by His grace. He has used His Word and His Church in abundant ways, and she is quick to tell you of her gratefulness for the privilege of being a member of Clifton. She is the wife of Bruce, mother of two daughters and one son-in-law, and grandmother to three precious grandchildren.