Other Staff



Kelly Hawley, Office Manager

By God’s grace I heard the good news of Jesus Christ and had my dad there to lead me in placing my trust in Jesus at a young age.  That next year he passed away, but my mom and new father continued to point me toward God through attending church and teaching me to pray and read the Bible regularly.  God shows me more each day how I am naturally sin-filled and that it is only by Jesus’ perfect life, sacrificial death, and victorious resurrection that I can be counted as righteous before God, able to love God, and be with him forever!  I have been happily married to Nathan Hawley for four years and we are expecting our first child.  We moved to Louisville from Colorado in 2011 for Nathan to attend seminary and immediately began attending church here and loved the commitment that Clifton has for the truth of God’s Word and growing in love for one another.  It is a blessing to be working and serving here at Clifton Baptist Church!



Mark Smith, Minister of Administration & Children’s Ministries

The Lord blessed me with two faithful Christian parents who made church a priority in my home throughout my childhood.  This regular exposure to the preaching and teaching of the Bible, as well as my parents’ intentionality in teaching me to pray, read the Bible, and repent, were the means by which God brought conviction and faith to me.  I accepted Christ as a child and was baptized several months after making my profession of faith.  During college, I sensed a growing desire for pastoral work and began training for vocational ministry.  My wife, Melissa, and I moved to Louisville immediately after our wedding as I continued that training at Southern Seminary.  The Lord has blessed us with two sons, Micah and Gabriel.  Our family has been at Clifton since we came to Louisville, and I have had the privilege of serving on staff since September of 2012.