Mike Bertram, Deacon of Ushers

I came to know Christ at a youth retreat during my freshman year in high school.  My wife and I moved to Louisville to attend seminary in 2003, and we joined Clifton that year as well.  We are blessed with four children, Micah, Abby, Haley and Owen.  I currently own my own business doing interior and exterior painting.  We are so blessed to be at a church like Clifton and it is my joy to serve the body by being a Deacon of Ushering.

Caleb Brown, Deacon of Finance

Caleb Brown photo

I grew up hearing the gospel at home and at church, and placed my hope and trust in Jesus at age 9. My wife and I have lived in Louisville our entire lives and were married after our sophomore year of college. We love being parents to our two young children.  I work as an actuary at a local insurance company. My role as deacon of finance involves making sure Clifton’s financial statements are produced accurately and overseeing the budgeting process.

Mark Detrick, Deacon of Sound

Jason Erb, Deacon of Security

I was raised in a home where my parents loved Christ and taught us to do the same.  Largely due to their influence, I came to trust Christ at the age of seven or eight, and was baptized soon thereafter.  I moved to Louisville in 2002 to attend seminary and joined Clifton the following year.  My patient wife Andrea and I were married in 2006 and have four beautiful, energy-filled children, Aaron, Abigail, Emma, and Isaiah.  I currently am employed at GameStop as a Loss Prevention Manager, and it is my joy to serve the church body as the deacon of security.

Eric Kitchens, Deacon of Building

Eric Kitchens Photo

Ian Lawrence, Deacon of Missionary Care

John McAloon, Deacon of Building

James White, Deacon of Building

I came to know the Lord quite a few years ago.  I can’t choose the day that I felt that I was saved or belonged to the Lord until my pastor at our previous church suggested that I should go forward.  We discussed it, and I prayed about it and knew that I had faith and trust in Jesus and should be baptized as a profession of that faith.  This was several years before moving to Louisville.  I now serve as deacon at Clifton, helping to care for our building.

Catherine Rhoden, Deaconess of Hospitality

Jeremy Rhoden, Deacon of Ordinances

I grew up in a home where the Gospel was proclaimed and lived.  Around age 5 or 6, the Lord began to draw me to Him and save me.  I was baptized in my teenage years.  Over the years, the blazing need for Christ has only become more evident.  And over the years, His grace has been more and more sufficient.  I’m humbled to be married to my lovely wife and to be a father to our four children.  The preaching and fellowship of Clifton Baptist Church have graced my life since 2000.

Lance & Maria Wyse, Deacons of Greeting


I was blessed to be born into a Christian home and remember going to church from my earliest days. At church, and at home, I heard the Gospel often. At some point in my childhood, although I am not quite sure when, I repented of my sins, and trusted in Christ. I knew I was a sinner, and that I needed Christ’s righteousness for eternal life. Throughout my childhood, I was active in our church and was baptized in the eighth grade. Although already a believer, it was in college that my faith took on new meaning.  When I started college I was the only Christian I knew. The Lord was gracious to give me Christian fellowship first through Crusade and then through a local church. It was through Crusade that I first met Maria, whom I would later marry. In college is also when I began to sense God’s call to ministry and was subsequently able to serve as a youth pastor for two years. This church affirmed my call to ministry, and I began attending Southern in 2008. Maria and I were married in 2010 and began attending Clifton. Through our time at Clifton we have grown a greater love and appreciation for the local church.


I did not grow up going to church or in a believing home.  The only time I remember hearing the Gospel growing up was in high school and I didn’t understand why or how it was significant for my life.  I believed in God and thought that was enough to “get by” while living a sinful life, making my own decisions, and doing whatever I thought best.  God used many struggles in my life to draw me to himself and make me more receptive to the Gospel as an adult.  I began to understand the Gospel and repent of sin early on in college and became involved with Cru.  It was there that I met Lance.  God has used him to greatly influence my life and faith.  By God’s grace, we’ve been married three years and recently welcomed our first child, Luke, into our family.